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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A short trapping session....

Last night (27/5), I ventured down the sand spit at the entrance of the old North Dock, Llanelli, an area with saltmarsh-sand dune transition habitat. I trapped from c10.15pm until midnight, using a `mobile actinic`. The photo above shows the area, looking SSE, in daytime.
About 15 or so species were caught in the short trapping period (excluding three micros, still to det.). The moths included clouded-bordered brindle (the attractive darker form) and dusky brocade (FFY). As always, please correct me if any i/d`s are incorrect.

                                         Above: clouded-bordered brindle.
                                          Above: dusky brocade.
                                         Above: rustic shoulder-knot.
         Above: `rufous minor type` (these need examination of the genitalia for firm identification).

Competition! - this is the view in the night, looking northwards through the darkness, and with the competing lights of the nearby urbanised North Dock/Seaside area of Llanelli.

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