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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Disappointing Night

Ian is not wrong, conditions are not good for trapping.  Last night my two traps attracted only four macros: Flame Carpet, Common Marbled Carpet, Small Phoenix and White Ermine, singles of each.  Also in the MV trap were three mini-micros.  I struggled to see them, let alone photograph them; if the views from above are good enough for identification all well and good, but there's no chance of obtaining profiles.  I'm posting the photos for what they're worth, they look fairly similar although the wing position of one is slightly different from the other two.
Micropterix calthella numbers on the Buttercups seem to be decreasing, counts yesterday and today have been about 30.  Perhaps they're exhausting the pollen supply.


  1. Chris...your photos are not bad at all...I wish I could take good close-ups!
    It`s best to await Sam`s, George`s or some other capable moth`ers comments on your micro, but a very provisional thought from a non-micro expert (who usually gets things wrong with photos) is that it MAY be one of the Scythridae, which have these pointy wings with feathery rears, but then there`s also that bulrush-feeder Limnaecia phragmitella that looks vaguely like it too.
    To be honest, the above comments of mine are very unscientific and rushed....I don`t really know what it is!....sorry.

  2. I'd say it's probably Elachista canapennella - the commonest and also the grottiest looking of the Elachistas. I've had quite a few in the garden recently.


  3. I agree with George - a grotty E canapennella. The Micromoths book isn't great for this genus so it's often best not to risk an ID without MBGBI, but E cannapennella is distinctively dull.

  4. Thanks Sam & George....I said `wait for the experts`! Will look it up in MBGBI.

  5. One of my least favourite moths, sadly. No redeeming features at all!

  6. Thanks for all your comments, guys. I would never have got near it from the illustrations in Sterling & Parsons. Sorry to spoil the day for you with such a grotty species, I will try to do better next time!!