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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Waiting for cloudy nights!

Whilst it has been rather pointless trapping over the last few nights (I have n`t bothered), the days have been good for butterflies. Had my first green-veined white of the year yesterday (14/4) in the garden at Tyrwaun, together with a female brimstone and, today, my `first for 2014` holly blue was seen, also in my garden.
Quite (actually very!) envious of the dotted chestnuts that have been turning up in Glamorgan. It`s quite possible that they also occur in our county, but it seems to be a `thin-on-the-ground` species and catching would be really `pot luck`. The nights are supposed to get cloudier tomorrow night or Thursday night - my moribund traps will then be put out!

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