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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Not much to shout about in the trap last night but more than I was expecting as the temperature dropped pretty sharply in the evening. I think cloud cover eventually returned and the most interesting were another white marked and a powdered quaker (a first for me here). The rest of the catch was:
Hebrew character 38
Small quaker 12 (always seem to catch more smalls than commons here)
Common quaker 8
Twin-spotted quaker 2
Clouded drab 9
Red chestnut 2
Oak beauty 3
Brindled beauty 4
March moth 2


  1. Good to see that both you and Steve at Cwm-llwyd managed to trap and interesting regarding your quaker comments...will help us build up a picture of relative abundance across the county.
    There`s some species that I`ve never had here on or near the coast such as gre shoulder-knot or great prominent. Both have been recorded by many inland moth recorders in the county.

  2. I've had some periods at Brechfa where Small Q was by far the commonest Orthosia. Indeed, looking back at my data that was the case more often than not in most years. I tried producing a bar chart, but new Excel has bamboozled me!