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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Moth recording coverage

Thankyou to everyone who sent me 2013 records, as requested.  I have just loaded 6500 records from 2013 into the database, plus a good pile from 2012 and before.  There are still a few gaps, which I'll deal with as and when.

Vaughn asked whether there were any under-recorded areas he might target.  Well, it's fair to say that everywhere other than the Llanelli coast and a few observers' homes is under-recorded at the tetrad (2x2 km scale)  At the broader scale, the really poor hectads (10x10km) are SN42 NE of Carmarthen, SN63 around Pumsaint, SN73 around Llandovery, and almost all of Mynydd Du.  Steve Clarke's records from Cwmllwyd and Steve Lucas' from the Brynamman area are really our only insight into this upland block, whilst Dafydd Davies' data from Rhandirmwyn is almost all we know about the NE uplands.

Lots of scope for anyone with Heath traps or a generator!


  1. Terrific effort there, Sam - thanks very much.

  2. Yes, well done Sam - and thanks from all of us for your`s great to get `Carms mothing` moving again!

  3. A PS for Vaughn - Sam`s comments/suggestions are completely valid re `missing gaps`. If you want to some potentially productive sites/habitats that are closer to Salem, then perhaps Talley Lakes might be an option for wetland spp, Llyn Taliaris and woodland for conifer/upland spp, Mynydd Cynrhos (nr Talley) again for upland spp surviving patches of unimproved farmland perhaps. I always recommend `away from home` trapping for variety and possible exciting finds.

  4. Thanks Sam - sounds like a lot of work went into that.
    Ian - thanks for the info, I will bear those sites in mind. I had already thought about Llyn Taliaris as a potential site so I will definitely put that on my 'to do' list. Maybe next weekend if it looks promising?