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Friday, 18 April 2014

Last night`s catch

Put out an actinic below a mature aspen in a garden in `NW Llanelli`, in the hope of catching lead-coloured drab last night (17/4/14), but no luck - only clouded drabs were caught. Had several least black arches, one of which I mistakenly confused this morning as short-cloaked moth, and the season`s first shuttle-shaped dart. Nut-tree tussock was also new for the year for me.
                                         Above: least black arches

                                         Above: shuttle-shaped dart (with an annoying seed in front!)

I also caught the mystery moth below,and I`m unsure what it might be. It`s the size of (to give people guidance) of the heath rustic -which it most certainly is n`t- any help will be appreciated. I don`t know...and tired out!

 Also, this photo of the nut-tree tussock that I forgot to add earlier:


  1. Yes, Mat - that looks promising - thank you! It does look like the left-hand illustration of the three given on p123 of the `Concise Guide to Moths.....`
    I`ve not been functioning today, ie even duller than normal! Just got up from bed after a two hour kip, so a few brain cells are now working.