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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Identification confirmsation needed please

I caught this moth in the porch last night. I think it is a Hebrew Character but would appreciate confirmation (or otherwise!) from the experts. Many thanks.


  1. Could it be an Early Grey? Have you found website? It can be searched for photos which can help I/D species in conjunction with your field guide. Sometimes other peoples photos can be an invaluable aid.

  2. I agree Steve....looks like a well-marked early grey to me. The weather tonight (Weds) and tomorrow looks far more promising for trapping. I`ll be dusting off my traps after their enforced mini-break due to the weather.

  3. You might have been missing the Dotted Chestnuts during your mini-break Ian :-) Vaughn had 15 species at Parc Slip last night so it's not been too bad for mothing (at least in the early part of the night), though like you I've also had a trapping hiatus this week.

    Thursday night does look good at the moment.


  4. Many thanks Steve and Ian, I have never caught Early Grey here before and looking at other IDs certainly seems to be this species rather than what I originally thought it was, so really pleased I checked!

  5. No problems Sally. Have a nice cup of tea to relax now, after making the laudable effort to trap last night....perhaps an Earl Grey?....sorry, could n`t resist!