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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Grey Birch at Tyrwaun, Pwll.

Just a quick post: amongst last night`s (28/4) moths in the home actinic was this grey birch, a rather thin-on-the-ground moth in Carmarthenshire. Its caterpillars feed on birch and alder, both of which grow comonly nearby. Sally Hall also caught one a few weeks back, in the north of the county.

....and a Postscript - returning home this afternoon, I noticed lots of little micros around a pot of ferns and on my front door. They were - I believe - Psychoides filicivora - generally purple-brown, with a creamy head and with a cream rough triangle on the back. I`ve also had them here in previous years. See p 209 in the `Sterling & Parsons Field Guide to Micros....`

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