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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Back to the Fold

I returned at the weekend from a fortnight's stay at my son's home in the Charentes Region of SW France - very nice territory!  The first opportunity to trap back home came on Monday night when I put the small actinic (which had accompanied me to France) in a sheltered place at the front.  I was rewarded by the appearance of the first Puss Moth to be seen here for three years.  Other notables were a Lunar Marbled Brown, Streamer, Shoulder Stripe and Engrailed, along with the usual representatives of the Quaker family, 2 March Moths and 3 Brindled Beauties.
Trapping in France was not very productive - the nights were mostly cold and clear (moonlit) - although I did get a female Emperor Moth, a Muslin Moth, several Latticed Heaths and an unfamiliar species, seemingly a member of the Shark family, like a darker version of the Mullein (the food plant was growing in the garden).
Puss Moth from Monday Night 
2 Photos of French Mullein (?)


  1. Welcome home Chris! I was wondering when you`d be returning....

  2. Thanks Ian. I'll probably take your advice and put a trap out tonight, in the greenhouse perhaps since the weather looks a bit threatening at the moment.

  3. Chris - your French moth looks like Silver Cloud, a very local species in the UK (not in Wales, but found in the Cotswolds). Not sure if there are any similar species on the continent though.


  4. Thank you George, I think that you're spot on. The species is listed in the French website 'Papillons de France' but there's no information regarding its status & distribution.

  5. I agree with George - that's Silver Cloud. I used to know it well when I was trapping at Dingestow (Monmouthshire) where I caught Silver Cloud almost annually and where it was definitely breeding (in Wales!). I haven't trapped there for several years but the old mossy orchard trees remain ideal for the species.