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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Trapping again at Pwll

Put out the actinic last night (29.3.14) at Tyrwaun, Pwll after a break due to cold weather. Fifeteen species of moths, with 97 individuals caught including a single satellite. The rest were the usual seasonal regulars but included the first for the year of early thorn.

                                          Above: March moth
Above: is this a brindled pug?...I`m not sure at this stage. I`ll have a more careful look later! (click on photo to enlarge).
A male brimstone butterfly just flew past the kitchen window, and today should be absolutely perfect to look for orange underwing moths on the tops of young birches from late morning onwards - be patient and take binoculars! I also intend trapping tonight - perhaps in local woodland.


  1. Nice to hear that there are other local people using traps in my area.

  2. Welcome to the Moth Group Paul....I remember the waxwing that you found at Ropewalk Rd, Morfa, back in March 1992 - I went down to see it with Barry Stewart. A photo that you took adorned p10 of the Llanelli Nats Newsl of Summer 1992.
    There`s a lot of info re moth trapping around Llanelli in the newsletter archive on the right-hand column of this page, plus a link to other nat hist info in the Llanelli Naturalists link.

  3. looks like a brindled pug, Ian, but not easy to tell from photo. Has the narrow elongated black central spot, as did mine