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Monday, 17 March 2014

Tortured by a Tort!

Perhaps someone can help me - hence the title -  with the i/d of the tortricid in the photo below please?, caught last night (16.3.14) at Tyrwaun, Pwll and part of a rather mediocre catch. Sorry the photo is not more `close-up` - due to the technical constraints of my camera and my ineptitude! It was c. 1cm long.


  1. It's an Oak Nycteoline - the cheeky little snout is a good pointer. A very beautifully marked individual.

  2. Thanks Sam. This one completely `threw me`....and talk about `barking up the wrong tree` too!
    No wonder I could n`t find it amongst the torts!...just did n`t think of looking amongst the macros.
    Thanks too to Melanie Jones for the i/d.

  3. Looks superficially like the one Jake caught in Roath, which resembled Eastern Nycteoline
    A few people actually twitched it before it was dissected and it turned to be just plain old Oak Nycteoline.

  4. Thanks Barry. Glad the Glamorgan one was n`t the rarity, as mine was released yesterday!
    I recall that I`ve confused oak nycteoline with a potential tortricid before - so I did n`t learn from a previous mistake. When I `rule the world`, I`ll transfer it to the `tort family`!