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Monday, 24 March 2014

Something to look for....

I went for a walk around Old Castle Pond, Llanelli yesterday and saw a solitary head of bulrush (or reed-mace Typha it what you prefer!). Children had broken off most of the others, but I just about reached this particular one in shallow water on the western (SN499003) side of the pond.
In about April 2001 (if I remember correctly), inspection of slightly marked/distorted seed head at Machynys (SS59), had shown larvae to be present inside the seed mass and Sam Bosanquet kindly identified them as the micro-moth Limnaecia phragmitella.
I found two in the seed head this time, but one got blown out with the fluffy seeds as I opened it out and the photo of the other was completely out-of-focus.
Have a look at Typha...look out for slightly marked/deformed heads and look inside carefully and you may find the little straw-coloured (with brown stripes) larvae.
If you are `into` ladybirds, then the `water ladybird` Anisosticta 19-punctata can sometimes be found hibernating behind old leaf-sheafs of Typha - just peel them back carefully.

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