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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Many thanks Ian!

I'd like to thank  Ian Morgan again for another excellent newsletter - which has been added to our newsletter section as Spring 2014.  10 out of 10 for interest and presentation, what would we do without you!


  1. Thank you Colin for your kind remarks. Communication and feed-back to local recorders is essential for any natural history group and our small group of enthusiasts fully deserve being kept up-to-date and encouraged - it`s a team effort.
    There`s a couple of typos in the newsletter, which you can correct if you `de-pdf ` your copy eg delete `by SB` at the end of first para on p6 etc...due to me rushing!

  2. Hi Ian, excellent and a very interesting read. Could we have a write up on mobile traps/costs/best ones to use etc in next newsletter? I would love to get one but want to get most efficient I can and cost effective.