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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Last night at Pwll....and today at Pwll...

Put the actinic trap out last night (7.3.14) at Tyrwaun, Pwll and fair numbers too -  hebrew character x3, early grey x 3, dotted border x 2, March moth x9, clouded drab x4, common quaker x 5, oak beauty x7 (photo below) and pale pinion x1.
Already four species of butterfly in garden lunchtime - a comma, a small tortoiseshell, a red admiral and a female brimstone.
Will not be trapping tonight (conditions not ideal), but I suggest it is worth trapping to catch the early season moths sometime in the following week.
Postscript: Whilst weeding this afternoon, I allowed myself a generous allocation of breaks, sitting on a bench to scan the nearby ridge for kites, buzzards and goshawks. The bench is also adjacent to a shrub of the early flowering Corylopsis paucifolia (photo below), which was today alive with insects - hive bees Apis mellifera, hoverflies Eristalis pertinax, the first queen wasps, a tree bumblebee and a small tortoiseshell that insisted on perching head-downwards!

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