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Monday, 31 March 2014

Cilycwm on saturday night

Trapping here seems to be attracting moths more slowly than other places but the trap is in a back yard and not immediately adjacent to any habitat. I had 32 moths - hebrew character, shoulder stripe, common quaker, small quaker and this:
.. which I think may a clouded drab???? can anyone confirm this? ...and this micro which I think may have emerged from some unseasoned oak that came from a fallen tree that I got on Saturday for seasoning for firewood.
Acleris literana? i must have disturbed its hibernation!


  1. Nice Acleris literana - only a handful of previous Carms records (see my comment on Ian's post a few weeks ago)

  2. yes, that's a clouded drab too

  3. Isabel - can you position the trap so that it`s visible from raising it up perhaps?....might get a bigger catchment area?

  4. Thanks for the comments/clarifications. If I raised the trap up my neighbours may not be so happy or think that aliens are landing! Friends are allowing to use their gardens as well so it will be spread about including as far up the Mallaen as I can get it - in some ffridd at about 200m behind a friends house.

  5. I find that actinics are pretty unobstrusive in neighbour terms - my MV even keeps me awake at night if I have it on!....but I find actinics just as good for catching moths.
    With clouded drabs, be aware of the possibility of lead-coloured drabs in areas where aspen grows. The latter moth has feathered antennae in the male. I`ve been carefully checking my clouded drabs, with no luck so far.