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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Poor Show at Pwll (and elsewhere)

I was hoping for an improved catch last night (14.3.14), as the forecast was for warmer conditions and cloudy skies. Indeed, the `Parish Lamp` (the Moon) was quite muted here on the coast. But just eight species were in the home actinic, mostly singles of each species.
A bigger disappointment though, was with one of my `mobile actinics` that I had left overnight in a classic Coalflield `cwm` at Cwm Mawr, on the NW flanks of Stradey Woods, Llanelli. I`d had luck there on 7.3.14 (see earlier blog) with a decent catch but, last night, only five moths were attracted to the trap - a single hebrew character and four engraileds. I had been hoping to possibly lure a grey shoulder-knot, a species that I`ve not caught, but no luck. I`ll persevere!
The photos below show the trap site - oaks, with bilberry and fern etc ground layer, and a photo of the actinic trap just prior to connection to the motorbike battery (currently re-charging in the shed). After connecting the wires, the plastic bag is closed by means of clothes pegs.
These `mobile` traps certainly give you flexibility to target different habitats and, believe me, they really do bring dividends in the form of scarce or rare moths, as well as the chance to sample different moth assemblages to your home trap. Recommended.

In contrast to last night`s poor show, commas, peacocks and a red admiral here in the garden, with chiffchaffs singing, goldfinches `tinkling` and a kite overhead...must do some weeding!

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