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Sunday, 9 March 2014

A change of mind....

In spite of the forecasted clear skies (and the forecast was correct) I did put out the actinic at home last night (8.3.14) and there were really good numbers and variety (16 spp.) of moths awaiting me in the morning. They included my first twin-spot quaker, small quaker (photo below), brindled pug, the plume Emmelina monodactyla and the pretty tortricid Acleris literana (photo below).

I also had a moth that fooled me at first - an early moth (poor photo below). I could n`t find anything that matched in the `carpet etc` section of the geometrids in the book, but then checked elsewhere and found it. It reminded me of a similar problem c 10 years ago when I could not - in spite of re-checking the noctuid section of the field guide - identify a frosted green, which is not a noctuid, but looks like one. Fortunately, I was meeting Sam the next day and he quickly solved the problem....lesson learnt!

No hummingbird hawk-moth amongst my dozens of Pulmonarias...but seeing a hummer is very `hit and miss`. I seem to recall ( but may be wrong) that I gave Jon the Pulmonaria/s some years ago, as it is a good early nectar plant!
No migrants in trap last night.
Postscript @ c 1.45pm. Carried out several `hummer patrols` around my Pulmonaria colonies today but to no avail. Saw two red admirals (one at Tenby daffodil flower), two small tortoiseshells and a different brimstone butterfly to yesterday`s. Today a male flew swiftly past, whereas yesterday I saw a female. Chiffchaff singing - spring!
A PPS - trapped too on 9.3.14, but lesser numbers and variety in the trap with just a shoulder-stripe as a new species for the year.


  1. Acleris literana is an excellent record. There are only 12 previous records in the VC44 database: from Brechfa, Rhydcymerau and Rhandirmwyn. Yours is a long way from these inland sites!

  2. Scarce here in Glamorgan too - just 15 sites in total. Good record of one of my favourite Tortix moths.