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Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Put the trap out on Saturday night for the first time for quite a while and the first I've ever done here in the winter. Wasn't expecting the rain so found a few damp moths in the morning unfortunately. Pretty good haul though: 22 x December moths, 4 x mottled umber, 4 x scarce umber and 1 x winter moth.


  1. It's nice to know that someone else is trapping, Vaughn. December Moths are certainly having a bumper year. I would like to have seen a photo or two of your Mottled/Scarce Umbers given the discussion in the blog below, but perhaps the moths were too soggy to be photographed?

  2. I think I did take a couple but it will take me a few days to get them off my camera - I based the id on the recent discussions but I would be very glad of some expert confirmation (or denial).