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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

No More Surprises

Last night my two actinic traps were out and attracted 14 moths: one each of Angle Shades, Red-line and Yellow-line Quaker, Chestnut and Mottled Umber, a brace of Feathered Thorns and Winter Moths, and five December Moths - a modest turn-out of them by recent standards.  I seem to be getting both Winter Moth species here, the usual dark brown type and the slightly larger, paler and distinctly banded Northern one.  Both turned up last night.  I am trying to examine the hindwings of these moths (not always easy) because, according to the book, those of WM are brown, but off-white seems to best describe the ones I've seen so far.  The paler moths have had almost translucent, white hindwings.


  1. Well done Chris, this seems impressively convincing! I hope I'll catch one here...

  2. Yes looks good for Northern to me too. Worth beating some birches in spring as the black-headed larvae are very striking.