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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Trying for something Tyrwaun, Pwll.

It is rather frustrating to try to moth-trap at this time of year, particularly when you trap away from home. It is dark early, when normally you would try to place the trap somewhere obscure, the vegetation is invariably wet and your trousers get sodden and, most critically, it can pour with rain, either at the time when you place the trap out or have to collect it the next day! There is no problem with the trap in terms of rain, it`s just me - I don`t like getting wet!
So, several potential `away-from-home` nights have had to be cancelled, but last night (Mon 11.11.13) I decided on a compromise situation and trapped at home, perhaps with the subconscious hope of something good like a sprawler. I failed.
In the event, there were a few moths in my actinic, but mostly typical `winter jobs` - feathered thorn (x4); November moth agg (x3); mottled umber (x1), red-line quaker (x1) and, slightly surprising, a single silver y.
It is interesting to note that Chris also caught one of the latter (see his blog below). A feathered thorn and a mottled umber are shown in the photos below.

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