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Sunday, 17 November 2013

One Better than Friday Night

That is to say, there was one moth in the trap this morning!  I put the small actinic trap outside the front door last night, and by the time I retired it had attracted two Feathered Thorns and a dark geometer which I didn't immediately recognise, all on the wall close to the trap.  The latter moth turned out to be, surprisingly, a Common Marbled Carpet - surely very late in the year for this species?  The lone moth in the trap was another Feathered Thorn.  Altogether a very disappointing result, considering that it was a relatively mild, dry night with little wind.

The Latecomer


  1. Here in Cardiff, CMCs usually peter out at the start of November. The latest Glamorgan record on the database is 22nd November, in 1995.


  2. Thanks for that George, that makes my 'Latecomer' a week early! I don't know the latest record for Carms., but Jon Baker's Annual Reports 2006/2008 give latest sightings in mid to late October, so on that basis I thought that mine was pretty late.

  3. There are two November records for Carms: 6th November 2012 and 4th November 2010. So yours wins for this county!

  4. It's appropriate to mention a report on the Ceredigion Moths site by Sarah in Aberporth, her catch on Saturday night included a CMC along with several other species - conditions in the Cardigan Bay area must have been better than they were here!