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Friday, 15 November 2013

Maps of Carms Moths

Jon gave me all his moth data last weekend and I have been spending odd hours playing with the spreadsheet to get it into DMAP.  This involved adding in a lot of records that Jon had been sent electronically over the last 3 years, reformatting them into the standard format initially.  I also needed to comb through the data for typos, spaces at the end of names, inconsistent hyphenation etc!

I'm now as up to date as I can be, though there are some notable gaps for the last few years that I will ask individual recorders about on Friday.

The 87500 records in the database come from 370 tetrads (2x2 km squares, the mapping unit I use) and 623 1x1km squares.  The 10 most widely recorded species are: Silver 7 (179 1x1km squares), Large Yellow Underwing (175), Flame Shoulder (170), Brimstone Moth (169), Common Carpet (153), Dark Arches (150), Green Carpet (148), Drinker (146), Small Phoenix (144) and Common Marbled Carpet (140).

Silver Y - pre-2000 dots are smaller than 2000-2012 dots
The top squares for Macros and for All Moths are unsurprisingly keen recorders' home trap sites, plus Pembrey and Llansteffan.

Carmarthenshire Macro Moths - brown, yellow and red indicate more species recorded

There are surprisingly few obvious patterns, other than recorder coverage.  Most of the rarer species except for a few on the coast are just too under-recorded.  Yellow Belle is a nice exception!

Yellow Belle - pre-2000 dots are smaller than 2000-2012 dots

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  1. This is great. I really have to get back into moth recording, it's been too long!