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Friday, 29 November 2013

an old photo

Found this pic when searching my older photos and thought I'd post it for the record. It was resting on the wall not far from an MV trap set in Tycroes in 1995. I've only ever seen two of these, both in Carms, but not a sniff of one here in Glamorgan in 20 years; in fact there are just two modern records for vc41.


  1. Sorry it's a V-moth, but I'm sure you knew that already.

  2. Barry, have you received my email with photos of a possible Northern Winter Moth? The photos were also posted in a blog on Thursday 28th. Your opinion would be very welcome.

  3. I've trapped a few in the last two years near Ruthin, Denbighshire. These were the first I'd seen in 20 years - back then I trapped them quite regularly in Yorkshire.