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Friday, 4 October 2013

Thing 2

Does anyone know what these Things are?  They were on Hazel leaves overhanging the seasonal lake at Pant-y-llyn, Carmel (they might even be flooded in the winter).  They looked truly disgusting, like blobs of dripping snot.  Inside each was a group of little larva-/egg-like things, and the slight ribbing on the outside of each blob reminded me of Tabanid (Horsefly) eggs.  Ych a fi!


  1. Don`t know Sam....interesting. Of course, the leaves would not be on the shrub in winter when water levels are higher, but the mucus covering suggests something aquatic or semi-aquatic to me, or perhaps something molluscan? There`s a weevil that feeds on hazel but it does n`t `do` this slimy lark! Really do`nt know - sorry.

  2. They looked Dipteran to me. Good point about the leaves not being on the tree in the winter - I'm a dimwit!