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Friday, 4 October 2013

Thing 1

I saw two interesting invertebrate things recently - Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Thing 1 is a very distinctive blue-grey sawfly larva with orange spots, on mint in our garden here at Cnwc y Llwyn, Brechfa.  Google searches suggested it was Tenthredo marginella, but Guy Knight from Liverpool Museums said by email:
"Of the 15 Welsh records I have for this species almost half are from carms, half from glamorgan and one old one from pembs. Nice that you found it in your garden, another one was found on apple mint in a garden in Tyrwaun, Pwll about 10 years ago. The species identified as T. marginella in Britain is actually T. thompsoni, although I'm not sure how much is known about differences between the larvae of this and the 'true' marginella, which occurs further south in Europe". 
I'm sure we can all guess who the Tyrwaun, Pwll record was made by!

Definitely something to keep an eye out for.


  1. Ha ha! Well done Sam and good news re your vestal too. Hope to go out with the traps shortly in spite of being tired with an injured foot due to being stuck down a ravine this afternoon....soaking wet and without a mobile (and nobody knew where I was). Took me over an hour to escape - I REALLY thought I was stuck - I could n`t climb out - scary! A branch that I climbed down broke! That`ll teach me to go looking for Sabacon viscayanum for a new book is being written on European harvestmen. The authors needed a specimen and I`ve had more (previous) luck in finding them than anyone else in UK apparently. Did n`t find one either, even though I`d had one exactly there c 20 years ago! Sticking to moths for a few days! The gorge will be known to Sam - Cwm Clydach, Pontnewydd - the dodgy narrow bit below the big waterfall and above a group of waterfalls...that`ll teach me!

  2. I'm very glad you got out in the end, Ian. Carmarthenshire has some amazing ravines, but exploring them is a scary game. Good thing moths tend to avoid such places (unlike my bryophytes!).