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Friday, 4 October 2013

The moths came Tyrwaun, Pwll.

Unwisely -given the forecast of heavy rain - but irrationally `fired up` by the salivating selection of sightings of migrants on the Atropos Flight Arrivals site, I put out an actinic at home last night.
Amongst a bumper crop of caddis flies, there were modest numbers of moths, as well as some sodden egg cartons. Migrants were represented by silver y`s, dark sword grass and, pleasingly, two vestals.
Strangely, all of the `good` (ie slightly less frequent) moths were in twos. There were two dark sword grasses, two large ranunculus, two Blair`s shoulder-knots, two green-brindled crescents and, of course the two vestals. A modern-day ark perhaps, given the deluge.

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