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Saturday, 5 October 2013

More migrant weather

The forecast tonight is for light SSW winds, no rain and reasonably warm (12 degrees or so).  Fingers crossed for more Vestals and maybe something even better...


  1. Went for a walk with a torch around the cliff path at Llansteffan, to look on the flowering ivy. First time I've been out mothing for a year or two. On the downside they've turned off the lights on the toilet block in the car park, and they've changed the floodlights on the castle walls to something (sodium?) that is not attractive to moths. But the ivy was moderately productive:
    Angle Shades 80
    Dark Sword Grass 5
    Common Marbled Carpet 3
    Pale Pinion 2
    Brick 2
    Turnip Moth 1
    Pearly Underwing 1
    Square-spot Rustic 1
    L-album Wainscot 1
    Green-brindled Crescent 1
    Chestnut 1
    Dark Chestnut 1
    Silver Y 1

    Am running an MV in the garden, for old times sake, too.


  2. Great that you are doing some mothing Jon! You`ve had some really good migrants at Llansteffan in the past. I did n`t actually trap last night (tiredness plus it looked too cold and `starry` out).

  3. Really excited you've done some mothing Jon. Welcome back!