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Friday, 18 October 2013

Just a small catch at Pwll.

Given my last few postings, there was the risk of this blog-site metamorphosing into the Carmarthenshire Leaf Blog so, to reduce the chlorophyll content, I decided to put the trap out at home last night.
It was quite a mild night and not too windy, but only a few moths were in the trap. The most bizarre capture was of a fresh rosy footman - a common enough species - but grossly out of season. But then, it`s always summer in Pwll!
Other captures were `seasonals` such as angle shades, red-line quakers and several of the `November moth gang` Epirrita sp. There was also one spruce carpet, a poor photo of which is show below (it only briefly positioned itself on one of the trap`s plastic vanes - hence the reflections- before escaping). There are also photos of the `November moth` and an angle shades, which conveniently alighted on a Rudbeckia when I shook it away from the egg carton.


  1. If it's summer in Pwll and winter in Pencader (December Moth on Tuesday night) that puts Carmarthen on the Equator!
    Did you have any summer rain in Pwll? It rained here, in spite of a dry forecast, and my two actinic traps managed to attract a measly11 moths, although the southerly breeze did bring a dark Sword-grass. The rest were the usual suspects.

  2. News from the Pwll Oasis....phew, it`s hot here! Having trouble with camels eating my nectar-rich plants!
    Seriously - it did rain last night, several sharp showers. Yes, my moth numbers were poor too (and no migrants at all), but tomorrow night looks ok`ish to try to trap, with southerly winds and less rain - so worth doing. I might even get a good migrant like a lucky chap near Pencader had in the summer!