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Monday, 7 October 2013

Flies by Night

Many of them again last night, attracted to the MV.  I wish that it would attract as many moths!  But no, I only managed to see 19 moths of 12 species, in spite of the conditions being quite favourable.  Frosted Orange, Brown-spot Pinion and the first Epirrita sp of the autumn were the pick of them.  I shall include a photo of the BsP for Sam's benefit (see response to Sally's blog yesterday).  Sam, I may well keep this moth and swap it for your next Beaded Chestnut!  Meanwhile I need to spend the rest of the day ridding my utility room of the multitudes of flies (see photo).
Jon, in case you see this post, it was wonderful to hear that you are active again.  In view of the impressive results of your venture with the torch I'm tempted to forgo trapping from now on in favour of a nightly inspection of the ivy bushes here, which are just coming into flower.

 Fly-ridden Utility Room
BsP available, will exchange for BC


  1. Thanks for the Brown-spot Pinion - at least I know I'm not missing them. We'll have to wait a while before a Beaded Chestnut swap, as I've only had one here in 6 years. However, I used to get them regularly on Ivy at Dingestow (Monmouthshire). I would thoroughly recommend ivy hunting with a torch (at least an hour after dark, to ensure the species have assembled). It's often far more productive than trapping, and great fun too!

  2. Seems this species may be more common in lowland areas, as this was one of my commonest autumn species at Erw Las (Llwynhendy), my best catch being 49 (125w Robinson) on 14 Oct 1995. Agree with Sam re. 'Ivy blossoming'.

  3. PS. I've never seen BSP in Carms or Glamorgan!

  4. PPS. By 'this species' I of course meant Beaded Chestnut and not Brown-spot Pinion, which has not been recorded in West Glamorgan in modern times!

  5. Thanks for clarifying that, Barry, I was a bit confused by the apparent conflict in your previous two comments but decided that you must have been referring to the Beaded Chestnut. Interesting that BSP should be found in Northern Carmarthenshire and apparently not further south & east, I might try to establish its status in nearby Ceredigion.