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Friday, 18 October 2013

Carmel caterpillar

Does anyone have any idea what this caterpillar is? Found by Lizzie Wilberforce at Carmel yesterday?
I left my books in work so I haven't had a chance to have a look. Any ideas please?


  1. Not a lep caterpillar but a sawfly. Presumably found on Devil's-bit Scabious as it looks like Abia sericea - we sometimes see these while looking for Marsh Frit larval webs, though I've not seen any this year.

    There's a similar species Abia candens, which lacks the dark dots along the midline.

    Worth sending the record to Guy Knight who runs the Sawfly Recording Scheme - he doesn't get many records from Wales and always appreciates records of these Abia species. His contact details are on the Biological Records Centre website.


  2. Great thanks George - didn't think it looked quite right for a lep! I'll let Lizzie know and she can submit the record.

  3. Agreed George...that`s what I thought straight way (believe it or not!). I`ve got Guy Knight`s email address here -
    He produces an excellent, free email newsletter on the recording of sawflies.

  4. Thanks Ian, I will send it through to him today.