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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn green carpet

The autumn green carpet is placed as a`Category B` species (`awaiting confirmation through photographic or specimen proof `) on Jon Baker`s 2006 definitive list of Carmarthenshire moths, due to possible incorrect identification issues in the past.
Now, thanks to new Carmarthenshire Moth Group member Steve Clarke, we have that proof! Steve recently forwarded a list of moths that he had recorded over the last 15 years at Cwm Llwyd on the northern edge of Mynydd Du, and that list included many species of note including autumn green carpet. I alerted Steve to retain any subsequent captures and, on the night of 5th October, he caught one and his photograph of that specimen appears below. The photo has been forwarded to three knowledgeable moth-ers (Barry Stewart, Sam Bosanquet and Jon Baker) and they all agree with Steve`s identification - so, well done Steve!
I hope to do a retrospective summary of Steve`s moth records at Cwm Llwyd in the Winter Newsletter (which will also summarise other recorders` late summer/autumn records of interest).

1 comment:

  1. It's really great to get this species confirmed at last. I don't think this record will open the flood-gates to allow all previous records from across the county to be accepted, but it's proof that the species is present here.

    Compared with the much commoner Red Green, Steve's moth is clearly lighter green, un-red, broader-winged and has a contrasting median fascia; the bright cilia look striking too, but I don't know if they're a feature. Autumn Green Carpet should have pale hindwings, whereas they're brown in Red Green.

    I've never seen an Autumn Green anywhere!