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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Second Brood Moths

Two notable second generation moths have turned up this week, a Burnished Brass on Thursday night and a Heart & Dart on Friday.  Both took me by surprise because I haven't seen them before at this time of year.  Otherwise no surprises, Common Marbled Carpet and Black Rustic have outnumbered the Silver Y of late - I think that the Silver Ys must tire themselves out with their relentless daytime activity around the Buddleia and Mint flowers.  The only other migrant species I've seen recently has been the occasional Dark Sword-grass.
I thought that a Beaded Chestnut had arrived this morning, but the underwing markings indicate Lunar Underwing.  Beaded Chestnut continues to elude me.
 Heart & Dart
 Lunar Underwing
Flounced Chestnut


  1. I too have failed to catch Beaded Chestnut but did get three Flounced Chestnut and Linar Underwing on Friday. I also had two Burnished Brass (and found one whilst cutting bramble earlier in the week) and the Silver Ys are still around but far fewer.

  2. Ditto....I`ve had a burnished brass recently, and I too was a little surprised.