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Thursday, 12 September 2013


For the first time last night I set two traps - one at my parents as usual but an also borrowed an actinic from work in order to test the battery. I set the actinic on Salem Common and I think the battery only lasted a couple of hours (or the mist hindered things) as I only got 8 macro species and 1 micro with nothing of note other than a rather late (?) july highflyer.

The MV at home was much more productive though I don't think I slept very well worrying about the risk of drowning moths! 35 species present with more brimstones than I've seen before - I stopped counting after 70...a few of those did get stuck in water but there didn't appear to be many other casualties thankfully. Other high scorers were setaceous hebrew character (19), flame shoulder (17) and small square-spot (10).

Highlights for me were gold spot, frosted orange,dusky thorn, brindled green, heart & dart, pink-barred sallow and autumnal rustic. A couple of silver Y too. A few micros: Acleris laterana/comariana, mother of pearl, brown china-mark, nettle-tap, Celypha lacunana and this chap:
Apologies for the rubbish photo - I couldn't download it from my SLR so had to take a photo of a photo....can anyone id it for me please?


  1. That's one of the forms of Acleris variegana, I think. There's one with more extensive white, and this more mottled one.

  2. Thanks Sam, I thought it looked familiar!