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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Only mediocre..... 4.9.13

Put two traps out last night, as well as the `home trap`. The actinic tube failed on one trap as I set it up at the edge of the Gwendraeth Estuary, so that was a temporary `goner` (until I replace the tube), which meant that there was only one trap left out. This latter trap was placed on an area of remnant dunes (SN363078) at Gwelfro near St Ishmael, Ferryside, with potential for migrants or even wanderers from the cliffs opposite at Llansteffan. In the event, there was nothing exciting in the trap (though a decent range of common species). Two yellow belles were present and the photo below shows the underwing pattern of this local Carmarthenshire moth of dunes; in fact, this may well be a new site for this species. The other photograph shows the location of the trap site. I`m sure that this locality will bring dividends in the future.

The home trap at Tyrwaun, Pwll likewise had a decent number of moths and species, including two four-spotted footmen (females rather than the mostly males of late) and several canary-shouldered thorns, the commonest of the `autumn thorns` with me (the St Ishmael trap had a dusky thorn).

Below: "Do I really look like that?" (one of last night`s Pwll specimens).

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  1. I like Ian's idea of photographing a moth next to its illustration - perhaps we should all give it a go (the moths may take a rather dim view of this impromptu identity parade though...)