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Monday, 9 September 2013

Not a moth.....

Not a moth, but an exciting record - the large hoverfly Volucella zonaria, new to Carmarthenshire. The attached, blurry photograph was taken by a Llanelli Naturalists member in her garden in Llanelli on 23rd August 2013. This species has been spreading slowly across southern Britain.
Hoverflies are an interesting group, with an extremely well illustrated guide (British Hoverflies by Alan E Stubbs and Steven J Falk), that may be of potential interest to moth-ers wishing to diversify.


  1. I recently bought that book and can also highly recommend it - there are some lovely hoverflies about. I also saw a very distinctive (non-hover)fly in a shop in Llandeilo yesterday which I had never seen before - a "trembling-wing fly" Palloptera muliebris. Worth googling as they are very unusual. According to NBN they have only been recorded in one 10km square in Carms previously.

  2. Thanks Vaughn
    Barry Stewart has told me that there are also several records of this large hoverfly (which is spreading) from Glamorgan.
    Sam Bosanquet reports seeing hornets at the NRW (CCW) office at Llandeilo today - a great record! There are some records from the early 2000s from nearby Parc look out for them! - I`ve never seen one, alas. The same with Volucella zonaria.
    Back to moths....hope to trap, weather permitting, soon.

  3. I was lucky/unlucky enough to have a hornet fly into me while playing tennis in Llandeilo earlier in the summer (I was playing tennis, the hornet wasn't...) - it was the first one I'd seen in years. I sent the record through to WWBIC.

  4. That Palloptera does indeed look very distinctive. I'll keep my eyes open for it. I've done a bit of Tephritid ID in the past - lovely things with well-marked wings.