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Monday, 2 September 2013

National Moth Night data in

All 602 records we collected on National Moth Night have now been submitted via the on-line recording system.  Next year, if we don't have an official County Recorder still, I'll be chivvying people to input their own records as my assumption there would be a spreadsheet import facility was wrong.  It's a very good example of an on-line recording system, but its goodness gets a bit wearing after the 4th hour and 500th record!


  1. Thanks very much for doing that Sam - it sounds like a daunting task! I input Parc Slip's NMN records and that took long enough - definitely agree with inputting our own next year. Thanks again.

  2. I think we all owe Sam a very big `thank you` for his efforts, especially as he`s very busy at work, with bryophyte recording and consequent paperwork and with two young children. Thanks too, to Jon Baker in the past for similarly getting the Carms data together.
    Next year we`ll get a system going, as Sam suggests, for each of us to individually enter the NMN data.

  3. Too true, we should all be extremely grateful to Sam for his hard work on our behalf. As far as I'm concerned there will be no problem entering NMN data as an individual next year, but the next NMN is a long way off. It's possible that we will have found someone to take on the County Recorder duties by then, however unlikely that might seem just now. If not, the difficulties we will face during the year in collating all the day to day records, dealing with difficult i.d. problems, etc, far outweigh the one-off task of submitting the NMN results.