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Friday, 20 September 2013

Moths and Hornets

Except for one (poor) home trap earlier in the week, have n`t moth-trapped for over a week, due to lack of time/lousy weather and having been away. I hope to trap tonight - it`s still worthwhile, as some uncommon/rare moths can turn up this time of year, such as barred sallow under beech and dusky-lemon sallow under wych elm. So, if you know sites with these trees, try trapping there!
Went to see the hornets at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo today. They have been known from here since 1999, when they were seen by Ken Day at Dinefwr Court. Sam Bosanquet saw a hornet at the NRW (CCW) offices in Llandeilo recently and this led to a flurry of interest in this species. Vaughn Matthews also saw one in Llandeilo earlier in the summer. It was subsequently reported (by several informants) that there was a nest at the Old Slaughterhouse in Dinefwr Park and the photos below show one of the inhabitants.
It has emerged that hornets have also been seen at Llanfynydd (in 2009) and Nigel Stringer and I saw one flying around at the picnic-site/layby near Edwinsford this afternoon. Away from the nest, they can be seemingly rather elusive and they are quite docile compared to `ordinary wasps`; they are obviously much larger - this impressive individual was about 2" long.

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