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Monday, 2 September 2013

Help with ID

Could anyone help with these two. The Pug was recorded in July and looks a little bit like a dwarf pug and the tortrix recorded  over a week ago looks a little like Apotomis capreana.  Just thought I'd ask before I send the images to the recycle bin! Thanks


  1. Two really difficult ones there, Colin!
    The Tortricid doesn't quite match any of the Apotomis species (the white hook isn't right for A capreana and the wing tip is too dark for A betulana). I wonder if it's Endothenia gentianeana; do you have Teasel near the trap site? The markings seem to match that species best.
    The Dwarf Pug looks convincing to me.

  2. Thanks for your comments. At least I can put the Dwarf Pug down as a tick. No I'm afraid we have no teasel locally. The nearest plant I know of is about half a mile away.
    Best regards.