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Monday, 2 September 2013

Carmel NNR

Day off today so had a wander around a small part of Carmel NNR. To my shame it is the first time I have visited despite living near Llandeilo for 20 years! Devil's-bit scabious was looking lovely and despite it being overcast had abundant bees and hoverflies, including some superb carder bee mimics. Plenty of lepidoptera around too - painted lady, large and green-veined whites, red admirals, peacocks, small torts and meadow browns on the butterfly front. Moths were around too - this lovely gold spot nectaring on DBS:
Also seen was a fresh angle shades, plenty of silverYs, Agriphila straminella and a couple of micros that I would like help with please:
Celypha lacunana?
Terrible photo I'm afraid - accidentally left camera on f2.8...
Closest I could get in the book was Ypsolopha ustella?
Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Yes, that's C lacunana - a useful one to learn as it's often the commonest micro.

    The little one doesn't feel quite right for Ypsolopha, but I can't yet come up with a better solution. I wondered about an Epermenia or Acrolepia, but neither genus seems to fit.

  2. Great photo of the Gold Spot Vaughn.

    I think the last one might be Ypsolopha parenthesella - I had one looking like this at Coed y Bedw on Friday. Plain forms of ustella don't have the white head. It's a very variable species but there are some similar looking ones on the Hantsmoths website:


  3. Thanks both,
    The Ypsolopha certainly looks like the third photo on the Hantsmoths website - the pale head was very noticeable.