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Friday, 27 September 2013

Also, at Pembrey.....on the dunes

Set out two actinics on the dunes last night at my regular trap sites, one on foredunes in SS49 and the other overlooking upper saltmarsh in SN40. It was quite breezy when I set the traps (at 7.30pm now, as the nights lengthen), so I expected a possible poor catch the next morning.
In the event there were quite good numbers, though there were no surprises. Migrants were represented by silver ys and dark sword grasses in both traps, and typical autumn moths populated both. The foredunes trap had the anticipated feathered ranunculus (x5) and also with a surprising range of moths of more general habitat such as frosted orange (x7), centre-barred sallow, turnip and others.
The photos below show the habitat at the SS49 dune site at Pembrey; one of the feathered ranunculus caught (note `feathered` antennae), and one of the frosted oranges.

The SN40 trap again had feathered ranunculus (just one this time) and a bit of a county misnomer - a common wainscot, which is quite scarce in Carmarthenshire. A green brindled crescent was also present.
Photos below - the `common` wainscot caught last night, and the solitary feathered ranunculus caught at the SN40 northern dunes.

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