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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Acleris species - more photos

Further to Sam's comments which suggest the possible occurrence of Acleris effractana hereabouts I thought it might be helpful to show photos of this moth together with two recent examples of  A. emargana to illustrate the apparent difference.  Sadly neither species turned up last night, but Acleris laterana was amongst a modest 22 species recorded on a mild, dry night.  Amongst the catch were two more Brindled Greens and the first Autumnal Rustic of the season.

 Acleris emargana 1
 Acleris effractana?
Acleris emargana 2


  1. The photo of effractana certainly looks very different from any of the emargana I've seen in South Wales - must keen an eye out for it.


  2. Acleris emargana is relatively easy to beat by day from willows, so it may be worth us beating a few willows in upland Carms in the hope of A effractana. I wonder if you'll beat us to a conclusive record in Glamorgan, George.

  3. There's a willow/sallow copse bordering our property, which may account for the presence of this species. It's too wet to go beating just now though!