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Saturday, 21 September 2013

A wet start!

....In fact, a very wet start, with the rain earlier and heavier than I`d obviously incorrectly expected this morning, and it was quite unpleasant inspecting the traps in the rain! Had three traps out - one at home and the other two in woodland at Cilymaenllwyd, Pwll. Nothing really exciting, and numbers rather low - just the `moths in season`, including the first large ranunculus at Tyrwaun, accompanied by a black rustic, angle shades, silver y`s etc; also one rather small ear moth (to be kept, hoping it`s a male and can be dissected so that it can  be identified to species).
A trap under some beeches at Cilymaenllwyd only produced a pink-barred sallow, rather than the `long-shot` barred sallow, plus Svensson`s copper underwings, pinion-streaked snouts etc.

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