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Monday, 9 September 2013

A good night for flies

The MV in a sheltered place last night attracted a vast number of flies, and a few moths as well.  No wasps this time - they seem to be less active now, although there are still plenty around the apples and brambles.  It was nice to get a Brindled Green, the first since 2011 I think, another of those moths that are down in the book as 'common', but apparently not so in Carms.  Also notable were Blood-vein, Frosted Orange, Dark Sword-grass, three Dusky Thorns and a couple of Centre-barred Sallows.  Numerous Brimstone Moths again.  Several Torticids including Acleris laterana , A.emargana and one which is similar to the latter species but very bulbous in shape and lacks the distinctive red dorsum.  Photo attached, advice would be welcome.

 Brindled Green
Acleris sp ?


  1. That looks like a 99% sure Acleris efractana, but books suggest you'd need to check its genitalia for confirmation of what would be a first for Carms. It's reassuringly distinctive, with a very shallow costal scalp compared with A emargana, and a remarkably uniform forewing. They can't get much more convincing than that without dissection!!

  2. What a pity Sam, I let it go yesterday evening. It's strange, I was checking the blog for a comment all yesterday afternoon into the evening and yours hadn't arrived, only the one on my later blog, although this one is timed 12.48. It would be interesting to know at what time you sent it! Whatever, it can't be helped and I shall just have to hope that another specimen comes along.

  3. It even shows the scattered black scale tufts of A effractana. At least we now know this northern species is in Carms. Please can everyone keep an eye out for it! I also now know I've never caught anything other than standard A emargana.

  4. I will publish a new blog containing photos of the two species