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Friday, 30 August 2013

two new species in one night?

Having been trapping at home in Carmel for seven years I'm lucky if I get more than a handful of new macros each year.  Last night was just 20 species, but including a sallow kitten, not uncommon in the County, but a new one for me here. Also the photo below which looks like a confused - any thoughts?


  1. How big is it Mat? The orange orbicular stigma looks more like Hedge Rustic to me, but I may well be wrong.

  2. The antennae do look to be slightly feathered. Does this help? (I believe the Hedge Rustic male has this feature).

  3. many thanks for the comments. Yes, it's a good match for photos of hedge rustic on the internet, although less so for the Waring and Townsend illustration - but I caught a hedge rustic last night (2nd) that was more like the W&T pic with better defined oval and kidney.