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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Trapping on flat roof, Saron

I experimented last night by setting the trap on the flat roof (it used to be a grass roof but it leaked so we renewed the rubber membrane and now just the membrane covers the area). At around 11.30am there were at least six large bats flying over and around the trap and surrounding area, clearly swooping upon and feeding on moths. It was interesting to watch.

There was a heavy dew this morning (around 5am) so sadly a lot of moths had adhered themselves to the wet membrane. Many looked old and worn out but maybe their condition was dictated by the wet roof surface?

The one in the picture I think is a well marked Rustic but if I am wrong please let me know. This one was in the porch as I also left the porch light on yesterday evening but there were few species around.

Weather conditions probably not that favourable last night - just sixteen species from porch and trap (including several Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and a Sandy Carpet and ).
Rosy Rustic


  1. Sally, the twin solid dark bars between the cross-lines make it more like a Flounced Rustic to me, but I could be wrong - see what the more experienced guys have to say.

  2. I agree with Sally (assuming by Rustic you mean Lesser/Common Rustic), but can see what you mean about the prominent bars, Chris. The outer edge of the median fascia close to the dorsum is untoothed, typical of Common/Lesser but it's toothed in Flounced. They're usually at a glance species, but sometimes more confusing in which case it's best to check for the white hindwing of Flounced.

  3. My apologies Sally, I misread your post, it had 'Rosy Rustic' below the photo, took it to be a caption and thought that it was not like the Rosy Rustics I get here! Sam's right of course, Common Rustic agg. fits the bill, although I can't remember seeing one with such prominent dorsal bars. Yet another 'senior moment' on my part!
    I put the MV trap out last night and have just finished looking through the catch, good for quantity but quality disappointing. I will post a report in due course.

  4. Many thanks Chris and Sam. Sorry I meant Common Rustic. It was the prominent dorsal bars that prompted me to get it checked as not seen on any other I have had here - and we get a lot of Common Rustic agg!.