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Friday, 9 August 2013

To Pwll Uffern -along the Pysgotwr, 8th Aug 2013

I returned with Nigel Stringer to the uplands yesterday, again walking up the Carmarthenshire side of the Afon Pysgotwr, that delineates the county boundary with Ceredigion. The main aim was to try to see (and ideally catch) a scarce silver y, which I had seen on my last visit almost a fortnight ago. I had no luck, and I suspect that possibly numbers of this species are much reduced, due to the approach of the end of its flight season. Matters were also dramatically complicated by a large influx of silver y`s (some 30+ were estimated). All those that I could catch -about half- were checked but, sadly, they were just Plusia gamma.
There were no chimney sweepers on the wing in the meadow either, and their flight season was certainly over and the only `furry mammal` seen this time was a distant grey squirrel!
So, the sole lepidopterous photo to offer with this blog is one of a knot grass caterpillar (again, sadly not a light knot grass!) but I include, as compensation, some photos of the glorious landscape (and rich constituent habitats) of Cwm Pysgotwr. We did n`t even reach Pwll Uffern (`Pool of Hell`), as time and the terrain defeated us. I am sure that any naturalists who visit this area, whether looking for butterflies, moths birds or for botanising will not be disappointed - I enjoyed the visit, in spite of the moths hiding from me!

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