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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tachystola new to Carms

Jon has just forwarded an email from Richard Lawrence, who recorded a few moth species during a week's holiday near St Clear's.  These included the distinctive Oecophorid Tachystola acroxantha new to Carms (his photo is above).  This introduced Australian moth has been in SW England for a couple of decades but has recently spread into S Wales, with a number of Glamorgan records.  Coincidentally, Kevin Dupe and Richard Clarke caught the first Monmouthshire individual of this species last week.

Richard's list also included Agonopterix purpurea, A. oceallana and Gold Spot.

Unfortunately Jon's health is really poor at the moment and he is feeling very down indeed.  He doesn't feel up for contributing to the moth'ing blog himself I'm afraid.


  1. Jake Gilmore and I have both had it new to our Cardiff gardens this year, so it seems to be a species which has suddenly become more widespread in South Wales. This seems a little odd as Dave Slade has been catching them in his Cardiff garden since 2006, and it was first recorded in Swansea as early as 2002.


  2. Thanks George, I hoped someone from VC41 would be able to improve on my "a number of" comment. Maybe I can hope for one at Dingestow eventually, although it took ages for Epiphyas to get there.