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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Surprise pays off

I wasn't going to trap last night, but it was so mild and calm that I made a late decision  to put the MV out and was rewarded by a large turn-out and 56 species recorded.  Notable were Scarce Silver-lines (new to me), Pebble and Oak Hook-tips, August Thorn and Yellow-barred Brindle.  Micros included  Catoptria pinella, Agriphila inquinatella (I think) and a very pretty Garden Rose Tortrix Acleris variegana.  An unexpected and unwelcome problem was a wasp invasion: there were two buzzing around the trap at 5.30am, I managed to kill them but a further 6 or so emerged from the trap after I had removed it into the utility room. 
August Thorn

Agriphila inquinatella(?)
 Scarce Silver-lines
 Yellow-barred Brindle

Garden Rose Tortrix


  1. Your crambid is a bit of a toss between inquinatella and geniculea to me. The fringe at the back of the wing looks light/metallic in your pic which suggests the latter perhaps, but I`ll leave the final det to more able moth`ers such as Sam or Barry.....I find moths easier from a specimen as you can get a better feel for the size, markings etc!

  2. I think it looks more like A tristella I'm afraid. A inquinatella and A geniculea should have a more obvious dark bar through the middle of the wing, and less fingering at the end of the pale stripe. Yours also looks pretty big, and A tristella is usually larger (though they overlap with A inquinatella)