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Friday, 2 August 2013

Some more from Tyrwaun, Pwll (1st Aug 2013)

Checking through some moths caught in the `home trap` last night, I note that I also had the pyralid Calamotophora paludella, which seems to be the 4th vc record. Previous records were, Barry Stewart at WWT Penclacwydd in 2005; myself at Tyrwaun 9.6.07 (det Jon Baker); and Jon at Cynheidre on 14.6.07. It feeds on Typha (`bullrush`). My specimen was a male - see Chris Manley`s British Moths & Butterflies, p 53. A slightly worn wainscot caught last night proved to be a shore wainscot...see white hind wings in the second photo.
My first black arches of the season also turned up last night Chris.

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