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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Quick out for migrants!

Put two traps out last night (31 July), one at home at Tyrwaun, Pwll and the other not too far away on the coast just E of Burry Port. Both had plenty of silver y`s [6 + 9] and a good range, in good numbers of other species (have n`t properly looked at some yet). Migrants are turning up elsewhere and are a possibility anywhere in the county, inland as well as coast; last night`s influx of silver y`s suggest movement. There were plenty of silver y`s on fields near Kidwelly this afternoon too.
Like Colin at Troserch, Llangennech, I also had a male four-spotted footman, a photo of my slightly worn individual is given below. I also attach a photo of one of the ear species (specimen kept in case anyone can dissect and if its male!) and a  pale mottled willow.
Will be putting out two traps at home tonight, an MV and an actinic, to see what comes in....fingers crossed!
Sorry about that seed in the last two photos, by the way! 

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  1. I agree - it looks pretty good for migrants tonight. I've got the MV on. There's heavy rain forecast for midnight though, so I'll stay up with the trap and switch off before the rain comes.